Whether your child attends audition workshops, musical theatre boot camps, or one-day on camera classes, workshops provide performers with a short, intensive experience devoted to improving a certain area of performance.

Workshops are often taught in collaboration with an industry expert who specializes in that particular field so a child can hone a specific skill to professional standards. It is a great refresher for certain areas, and an opportunity to learn about new ones. Workshops are not a substitute for regular, on-going group or private training, but they are a good way for your child to flex and tone individual performance muscles while instilling confidence and broadening repertoire.

Areas of Study:


Program features:

  • Master musical audition technique

  • Acquire new material

  • Learn to interpret the story behind a song

  • Perform for professional casting directors

  • Receive positive & constructive feedback from professional casting directors

  • Q & A for parents

Cabaret Performance

  • Perform on-stage in a NYC landmark cabaret setting

  • Opportunity to be seen by industry professionals


  • Learn to work spontaneously

  • Conquer fears

  • Work collaboratively

Dialect Coaching

  • Master basic accents

  • Use skills with scripts

  • Record & playback


  • Cover 12 basic guideposts for commercials

  • Improve with improv

  • Learn how to nail the audition

On-camera Training

  • Scene analysis

  • Character and emotional development

  • Transition from stage to film work

  • Exposure to guest casting directors

Guest Casting Directors Have Included:

  • Nora Brennan

  • Michael Morlani

  • Stephanie Klapper

  • Joy Dewing

  • Holly Buczek

  • Matthew Maisto

  • Patrick Goodwin, Cesar Rocha & Rachel Hoffman of Telsey Casting

  • Merri Sugarman, Lindsay Levine & Katilyn Shaw of Tara Rubin Casting

  • Jay Binder & Jason Styres of Jay Binder Casting

  • Adrienne Stern

  • Jen Rudin

  • Christina Wright

Guest Industry Professionals have included:

  • Badiene Magaziner, vocal teacher

  • Bob Marks, vocal coach

  • Monica Robinson, vocal teacher

  • Julia Mendelsohn, vocal teacher

Upcoming Workshops

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