Denise has been instrumental in Pierson’s development and growth as an actor and performer.  She has helped him refine his techniques and has taught him new tools to use while performing, and in the audition room.  Pierson enjoys learning from Denise both through private lessons and in a class/group setting.  She has valuable insight into the business and Pierson always leaves a lesson with Denise more confident and ready to take on whatever challenge lies ahead.
Recently, Pierson just booked his first National Tour in “Fun Home” and Denise played a key role in helping Pierson reach this goal. She truly cares for her clients as she was just as excited as we were when Pierson booked the tour.  We are thankful to have Denise in our lives on both a professional and personal level.

– April Salvador, Mom of Pierson Salvador (Fun Home National Tour)

Pierson Salvador

“Denise is a really nice and fun acting coach! I learn so much from her and love working with her.”

Tori Feinstein (Matilda, Broadway)

Denise is an amazing coach and support!  I always feel more confident as a performer after a lesson with Denise. She manages to treat me as a professional, while remembering that I am still a kid. I not only learn during a session with Denise,  but I also laugh and have fun. Her belief in me helps me to believe in myself, and reach for the stars. I am lucky to work with Denise, she is much more then an acting teacher, she is a mentor and cheerleader!
– Abigail Dylan Harrison, Ruthless (Off-Broadway), The Affair (Showtime)

Abigail Dylan Harrison

“Denise is a wonderful and kind person who has taught me a lot by helping me learn and prepare for auditions. I love taking her musical theater and acting classes because they are fun and meaningful and I get a lot out of them. She is a positive person who gives me good feedback to improve and I am so happy to have worked with her.”


Alexandra Vlachos (Matilda the Musical, Broadway)
Mira Sorvino

“Thanks for all your help in the beginning of my career.”

Mira Sorvino

” I met Denise when I was 8 and have been working with her for almost 9 years. Denise has been apart of almost every successful event in my acting career. From helping meet my manager to helping me get callbacks for theatre and film including my Broadway debut in Bonnie and Clyde . Without Denise I would not be where I am today. Not only does she help me with my acting but gives me a tremendous amount of confidence for auditions through her positive constructive criticism. I will always be very thankful for all that she has done.”

Jack Tartaglia - Bonnie & Clyde, Broadway

“I usually went to workshops and heard the same old things phrased differently, but when I went to one of Denise’s workshops I was surprised. I wasn’t hearing what I was used to. When I really listened to the advice and corrections she was giving everyone, I discovered another, deeper version of acting. Since that first workshop about 5 years ago, I have worked closely with Denise in private coaching lessons and in workshops. No matter what the setting, I knew I could count on Denise to push me beyond my limits so I could become the character, not just act the part. Denise has always been able to pick out monologues for me to work on that are challenging but aren’t impossible to accomplish. I know when she hands me the page or two that I will have to put in my time at home, but by the end I will have mastered that piece to the best of my ability. I owe basically everything that has to do with acting to Denise Simon, and I thank her very much for helping me get to where I am today.”

Abby Spare - National tour, Annie

“I believe a good part of my success as a young actor, was due to having acquired Denise Simon as my manager. Her strong guidance, and wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the industry, was immensely beneficial. She possess enormous tenacity, drive, follow through, and determination. Denise had my family’s total trust, confidence, and our love too. All of which continues today.”

-Noah Fleiss (Brick, Joe the King, Law and Order)

Noah Fleiss

“I would have never made it to Broadway without Denise. She really knows this business, and is so easy to work with.”

Marcus D'Angelo - Matilda, Broadway Les Miserable

“Denise is an amazing person and acting teacher. She is very kind and wants the best for her students. She is always there for her students and she pushes them to their best potential. Besides that, she has amazing acting techniques and I learn so much each time I see her.”

Hayley Feinstein - Shrek, National Tour Fiddler on the Roof, Broadway

“Denise is a fabulous teacher! She taught my sister and now teaches both of us. She is very natural and real, never phony. She takes my acting to the next level. She teaches you the story behind words. Denise is a great teacher for children. I love Denise’s teaching!

Beatrice Tulchin - Broadway: Matilda, National Tour: Billy Elliot

“Denise Simon is a gifted coach and mentor, with an exceptional ability to size up a young actor’s strengths and challenges and provide honest feedback that is both poignant and sensitive.

Denise has been an invaluable resource to my daughter, Katherine Doherty (age 17) and me, since Katherine began auditioning for professional acting jobs six years ago. Denise has vast connections in the industry and she personally cares about my daughter’s career and the choices she has to make relative to balancing family, school and an acting career.

I am always amazed by the transformation in my daughter’s scene work after a session with Denise and have always appreciated Denise’s willingness to rearrange her schedule in order to prepare Katherine for an audition that is needed with only a day’s notice.”

Lauren Doherty, mother of Katherine Doherty - Broadway: Mary Poppins, A Little Night Music

“Denise is a great acting coach. She gives me good constructive criticism. Whenever I review sides with her before an audition I feel confident and can make better acting choices.”

Madison Mullahey - National Tours: Shrek, Mary Poppins

“I booked my first national tour, Elf, right after I worked with Denise. From the minute we started working with her, I started to get callbacks! She is available whenever I need help with an audition. She helps me a lot at every session. She’s also very nice and caring. She believes in me, and I think Denise is great!”

Tyler Altomari, Elf National Tour

“Working with Denise has been incredible.  We live in Florida and were hesitant at first about using Skype for our daughter Emily’s coaching sessions.  Our concerns were unwarranted as our Skype sessions with Denise have been very successful.  Skype has proven to be an excellent medium and Emily is growing as an actress by leaps and bounds working with Denise.”

Tom & Amy Moreland, parents of Emily Moreland - Annie Tour

“Denise is a consummate professional. Auditions are often last minute and Denise will do everything she can to meet with your child on the requisite script and/or song. Her coaching sessions are extremely efficient and productive. She insures that your child gains the skills and confidence needed for both the audition process and the performing arts arena. On a broader scale, Denise is knowledgeable about what is out there and what your child is a good fit for. She is generous with her information and her positive reinforcement and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a short boost or a long term coach.”

Paula Niziak, mother of Alexa Niziak - Broadway, A Christmas Story, Nat'l Tour Mary Poppins, Matilda

“Denise Simon is one of the best acting coaches out there.  I first began working with her while preparing for college auditions.  She helped me find material I loved and connected with and taught me to be a confident actor.  The improvements I have seen in my acting abilities are all because of Denise. I can’t thank her enough for her guidance and endless support.”

Sarah Heinzmann, Rider University

Beginning the musical theatre college audition  process can be daunting at first. I needed someone to help me find the perfect audition pieces and delve deeper into each monologue. Denise assisted me tremendously with both. With her help, I have found the perfect pieces that I loved to perform in each audition. I connected with them and Denise allowed me to process ideas I might not have imagined without her aid. I can safely say that I felt confident and proud of the final product. I will use the tools Denise has provided me within my higher education in theatre.
Morgan Weiss
Muhlenberg College

Morgan Weiss

“My daughter Catherine has begun training with Denise and I can’t get over the difference a few training sessions can make. She pulls out a whole other side of Catherine which is so necessary when trying to play an opposite part from her personality. She is really helping her evolve into an actress. I have a gut feeling Denise is going to be that one person on Catherine’s journey to her dreams that really will make that difference in her career!”

Lisa Quirico, mother of Catherine Quirico

“Denise has been an absolute asset to Brianna in improving her acting skills. With her Skype lessons, we have be able to move around Chicago, Toledo, and New York easily.  Brianna feels so comfortable asking for her advice and preparing with her for auditions!”

Mother of Brianna Lanzen

“I have no doubt it would have taken months for us to progress to the point of clarity we acquired after spending one hour with Denise. Thank you so much for your frankness, efficiency, and consideration. Bryce and I both felt empowered at the end of our session.”

Whitney Ferrall, Mother of Bryce Ferrall

“My son recently went to an audition and said he felt very confident after keeping in mind what Denise  has taught him. He is always excited to attend her class and said he likes the feeling of believing in himself. He ended up booking the commercial! Thank You!! You truly rock!!”

Paula G. Suarez, mother of Christian Suarez

“Denise Simon is a wonderful acting coach to work with! She helped me through the entire college audition process from start to finish. She gave me expert advice on college programs that would suit me and also helped me pick a monologue that resonated with me. She showed me my acting strengths and taught me how to let go of stress in an audition room to give a natural performance. Denise also helped me analyze my monologues so I could understand what my actions are and to never settle for complacency. You can count on her to give you honest straightforward feedback. She was incredibly helpful throughout the whole process. I was able to tackle each of my college auditions with great confidence and  now feel very prepared to take on the rigors of a top college theatre program.”

Lauren Dobles, Emerson College

Denise is truly an amazing acting coach. She helped me bring movement into my monologues, and with that, liveliness. Denise gave me unique ways to read each line to keep my pieces interesting and captivating. She showed me how to build emotion in each of my pieces and most of all she helped me develop my character and her motives  to make them all the more powerful. Thanks to Denise’s expert coaching on my monologues I was accepted into LaGuardia High School’s drama department!

Ruby Kahn

” Denise has been really helpful in helping me understand why a character acts in a certain way or says something. I have also learned how important it is do research on any character I am doing. She’s so encouraging and is a very patient teacher!”

Gaea Lawton (Because of Winn Dixie - Delaware Theatre Company)

“Denise guides and encourages me to reach my full potential through insightful and focused feedback. Denise has a true gift. To quote a line from William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, ‘I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks.’ “

Kristina de Mora

“Denise is one of the most positive and helpful people I know. I started taking classes with her when I was eight years old and I feel like I have grown so much as a person and an actor since then, thanks to Denise. Without her help I wouldn’t be the confident and ambitious person I am today.”

Chloe Collins (Actor, Musician, Singer, Songwriter)

“Denise Simon is great fantastic teacher. She is very professional and beautifully communicates with the children. My daughter Jessica, (8 years old) has been involved in one of Denise’s group classes for young actors. Denise has definitely helped with  improv and technique as well…

She’s also very nice,caring and always positive …….I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a short boost or a long term coach.”

Elvira Kapustiansky, mother of Jessica Cherniak

Denise is such a talented acting coach. She gives honest and helpful tips that can completely change a scene. She is so helpful with guiding people through the business, and she is so easy and fun to work with. Denise has helped make awesome connections for me, and I can’t thank her enough!

Tori Heinlein

“Before I began preparing for college auditions, I wasn’t very comfortable with my acting abilities and didn’t know how to find the materials I would need for auditions. Denise helped me find monologues that I felt connected with and enjoyed performing each time I went into the audition room. Denise taught me how to let go of the stress of perfection and perform naturally. Thanks to Denise, I have gained confidence and feel prepared for the rigors and challenges of a college theatre program.”

Anthony DeMarte, Muhlenberg College: Dual Degree in Musical Theatre and Dance

“Denise Simon is an amazing coach.  Our weekly Skype lessons have been fantastic! Her clear direction as well as encouraging style have helped my daughter Amalia immensely. I would highly recommend lessons with Denise for any actor interested in taking it to the next level.”

Rachel Brignoni, mother of Amalia Brignoni

You are truly such a blessing. I cannot thank you enough. I have learned more from a few sessions with you, than I have in any theatre I have taken part in. I cannot explain how much confidence you have given me in this craft. I am truly grateful.

Mallory Lewis

” I took my daughter, Gabriella, to see Denise a few years back after Tania from Teen News recommended us. Denise was gracious enough to tell us that Gabriella had a beautiful voice and a nice tone. Well a few years later, we wanted to say THANK YOU!! Denise sparked a light in Gab and she has taken some vocal lessons for the past five months and just posted her first YOUTUBE video.  She’s does some performing and commercials and loving it. So thank you for encouraging a 12-year-old to follow her dream.”

Theresa Scotto, Mother of Gabriella

Gabriella Scotto

No testimonials found

“Denise Simon is great! She has extensive experience coaching acting, broadcasting and public speaking. Her enthusiasm, positive attitude and constructive feedback has helped me immensely with my on-camera presence.  I highly recommend her to any aspiring professional – from the veteran broadcaster to someone like me, the up-and-coming talent!”

Jackie Prata, future broadcast journalist
Joe Blute

“After working with Denise Simon in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and an industry showcase, I can say that I am truly blessed to have come across such a marvelous women. Not only is she a pleasure to work with but her knowledge and command over the arts is something astonishing that EVERY actor should be exposed to. I can safely say that she has been vital to my training and made me a much better actor in the time that I have known her.”

Joe Blute

“I just recently started working with Denise. She is a great acting coach & teacher and fun to work with. When I took the summer intensive workshop I learned a lot and had so much fun that I did not want it to end. She gives me good constructive criticism. I am so grateful to have Denise asa teacher and I am looking forward to the fall classes to learn more great techniques.”

Dylan Kotbi
Jacob Weisberg

“Denise is the reason our son Jacob is acting. Simply put, there is no one better. Denise “discovered” Jacob and promptly included him in a New York City showcase where we received no less than 10 phone calls from agents/managers inquiring about representing our son. Through private lessons and workshops, Denise has and continues to help shape Jacob as an actor and person. Without Denise none of this would have been possible and we are forever grateful.”

Jodi and Drew Weisberger, parents of Jacob Weisberger

“Getting to work with Denise is really great. Her classes are small so there is more individual attention. She teaches us different techniques to become more in depth with our character, in a fun way.”

Victoria Daros

As Parents we have seen Matt take a huge interest in his acting classes.  You have helped him not only with his auditions but also on his self-esteem in life.I feel a lot of this has to do with your personalized touch. When he is in your class he feels that you give everyone the attention that is needed to succeed- you provide positive constructive feedback. We can’t thank you enough for all that you do for your students. You really are amazing. You have a gift working with others!!”

Lisa Oko, mother of Matt Oko

“I learned a lot from your improv group, and I find myself using those skills all the time when I teach. Thanks so much for everything — it’s meant a lot to me all these years later.”

Jacob Barandes - Associate Director of Graduate Studies Lecturer on Physics at Harvard

“I would highly recommend studying with Denise. Her coaching sessions introduced me to Meisner technique, a method of acting that is usually only taught at the college level and beyond. This Meisner training very much prepared me to study acting in college and helped lay a wonderful foundation for my continued growth as an actor. Studying this technique along with many others as a Theatre Major at Northwestern University has only reaffirmed the importance of the acting training I received from Denise.

I also cannot speak highly enough of the assistance I received from Denise in preparing my monologues for college auditions. She helped me find great monologues that showed off the specific set of skills that I have as a performer. She also guided me through each selection, making sure that my preparation and objectives were clear and that my acting choices matched these objectives. Auditioning for college programs can be stressful, but the guidance I received from Denise helped me feel confident in my monologues throughout this entire process.”

Ryan J. Duncan

“My daughter connected with Denise Simon right away, Denise is a practical and knowledgeable expert in the field.  From start to finish Denise provides quick follow up, great materials to use and wonderful, practical advice.  After Denise’s counsel and recommendation my daughter was signed with a renowned manager in New York.  We can’t wait to see what the future holds, Denise certainly made it much brighter! Thank you!”

Kendra Yantis, mother of Bella Yantis

“Denise Simon is not only brilliant at her craft, she is well-connected and respected in the industry. She is such an inspiring teacher and coach. We had no idea the magic we would stumble upon when we met her. A true gem… Can’t thank you enough for helping my daughter find a great NYC manager!

She is on the road to her dreams…sometimes beyond all the things you are supposed to do, magic steps in. Working with Denise has been a purely magical experience. Thank you for making my daughter’s dreams possible!!”

Carolee Rainey, mother of Alannah Rainey

“Our daughter has been working with Denise for almost 2 years. Leighann has attended many of Denise’s acting workshops through which she was able to obtain representation. She also enjoys private lessons with Denise who has helped her gain confidence in her abilities and continues to develop her acting skills. They have a wonderful relationship and Leighann feels that Denise’s strategies help her easily understand the script, monologue or character on which she is working.

Our daughter has told us that Denise has a special way of teaching. When Leighann leaves Denise’s lessons, she is prepared and motivated to do her best! As parents we have found that Denise is always honest and easy to approach. She is always there to provide information and answer our questions. We feel so lucky to have Denise as our daughter’s acting coach. Recently, Leighann has been involved in one of Denise’s group classes for young actors. This venue has given Leighann another set of skills. She thoroughly enjoys the communication and interaction with other actors which Denise moderates and mentors.”

Laurel & Steve Deluca, parents of Leighann Deluca
Michael Shulman

“Denise was my very first manager and coached me on tons of my auditions. She steered myself and my family through the in’s and out’s of the business, and I don’t think I ever would have gotten “Party of Five” without her. She’s not only a great coach but also a great person.”

Michael Shulman, Actor/Producer

“We’ve been working with Denise for the past 7 years. Whether she’s preparing us for an audition or coaching us for a play, she always has a great approach. As Recording Artists first, she has immensely helped us transition into the acting world. Through her coaching we have evolved so much as actors. She has also been a great sounding board for advice about the industry and has guided us in many ways. Denise has not only been a wonderful acting coach, but also a great mentor!”

Melissa and Jessica Labbadia, L2

“When I first met Denise, I had lived in New York an entire year and not gone on a single audition. The moment Denise agreed to take me on as a client, within minutes I had contact information for a well respected vocal coach and headshot photographer, monologue material to choose from, and a reawakened confidence that someone believed in me and was willing to help me succeed in this industry.

I’d say the greatest benefit of coaching, and in Denise’s case both acting and life coaching, is the individual attention you receive. The one on one coaching dynamic provides a safe environment to ask those embarrassing questions you feel you should already know the answers to. Through Denise’s help, I have taken control of my career, and in turn my life. My year of inactivity is over. Barely weeks after working with her, I’ve started submitting myself for roles, booking auditions, and just landed a callback. That progress in itself, to me, is worth its weight in gold.”

Liza Dealey

“Denise has and continues to be an instrumental part of our 10 year old daughter (Abigail’s) acting dreams. Abigail has been working with Denise nearly 2 years and her growth as a person and actress has been unmeasurable. She has had many private lessons, Skype sessions and several workshops over the years with Denise.

Abigail was able to get representation through Denise and was just on the National tour of “Shrek the Musical” In China and Malaysia playing Young Fiona.

The whole family owes a lot to Denise and we can’t wait to see what the future holds in store for our daughter.”

Richard and Laura Charneski, parents of Abigail Charneski, Shrek National Tour

“Growing up, teenagers are always trying to change themselves and be anyone but their true self. Denise taught me to always be myself because what you most commonly try to cover up is usually the characteristic that sets you apart and makes everyone fall in love with you!

Thank you so much Denise for opening my eyes to a world of opportunities that seemed unreachable and impossible only a short while ago. Working with you is one of the smartest decisions I have made and I am SO excited to see what the future brings.”

Rachel Norman

“Denise brings the highest level of her craft to her students and is profoundly connected with young performers. It has been exciting to watch my daughter reach new levels of artistic achievement with her direction and support.”

Kenneth Alberstadt, father of Angelika

“My daughter has worked with Denise for the past 4 years. She is an amazing teacher who has helped my daughter blossom. She has helped Leeza gain admittance into the Professional Performing Arts Middle School. She is very patient but also tough at times when needs be. She has gone from acting coach to someone who is very special in my daughter’s life.”

George Malagon, father of Leeza Malagon

“Denise has positively influenced my 16 year old daughters life for the past 6 1/2 years, Her past summer shows and ongoing musical theatre audition/workshops have been a total success and well worth the traveling from the south. All of Denise’s teaching methods and individual attention lead her to be accepted into Miami’s New World School of the Arts Highschool.

Until this day, my daughter takes with her all of Denise’s professional advice and as a result, she is a confident and successful musical theatre student. So glad we met you Denise on that Blizzard Day audition!!”

Marielena Gonzalez, mother of Danielle

“Denise Simon coaches both of my girls, ages 9 and 12. Denise has an incredible passion for acting as well as for teaching my kids to live truthfully in the moment within a scene. She has the ability to take a scene and help them draw out their own raw truthfulness that is so natural they nail the scene without even realizing it.

As a result of Denise’s coaching, I see my children reviewing scripts for projects from many different perspectives, challenging themselves to take risks or to make a choice to pull the emotion back and simplify a moment. Denise has been giving them the tools necessary to make split-second, honest decisions on their own beyond the walls of her studio…or Skype…but in an audition room where it really counts.

Denise also involves me as a parent offering me advice and guidance from her years of experience in this industry. That in and of itself is priceless! Denise has been truly supportive, enthusiastic and focused on success for my children both personally and professionally.”

Kim Lanzoni, mother of Hayley and Ashley Lanzoni

“Denise has been working with our son for the past five years. The improvement we have seen is extraordinary in so many ways. The transformation we have seen in his ability to read scripts, act out scenes and prepare monologues often with very short notice is striking. And Denise has been there every step of the way.

On a personal level Josh has become a confident boy with a strong sense of self worth and ability since working with Denise. Denise challenges Josh to work to his full potential and expects a high level of commitment, preparedness and effort from him; however, she does it in such a nurturing and unconditionally supportive way. Her mentorship has become a very important relationship in Josh’s life.

Josh is one of those kids who has been drawn to the performing arts since a very young age and is extremely passionate and driven. Finding a special mentor to guide him through the often difficult world of acting was very important to us and we are grateful that we have found someone as gifted and special as Denise.”

Lisa Sussman, mother of Josh Sussman

“With Denise’s years of experience and expertise in the Entertainment Industry, I always trust the training that students receive from working with her.  Denise has proven herself invaluable in the development of young actors.”


David Doan (Agent, CESD Talent Agency)

Bringing Denise to my studio is truly a unique and rewarding experience for my students!  She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and has a knack for bringing out the best in each child. I have had many students obtain agents and managers through her guidance, which is truly priceless! We always love a visit from Denise Simon Acting & Coaching!

Samantha Bower, Artistic Director of The Performing Arts Connection

“Denise is my “Go-To” Acting Coach for our Kids Department! She is accessible when I need her for an audition coaching and teaches based on the needs and demands of the industry.  I couldn’t ask for more in a coach.”

Chase Renouf, Clear Talent Group
Travis Greisler

“Denise Simon is incredibly connected, well versed in all areas and a poised professional. She is not only a colleague but a friend as well. Anyone looking to launch their child’s acting career should take Denise’s advice seriously as she knows the ins and outs better than most. Denise Simon is the real deal.”


Travis Greisler - Director, The Orion Experience

“Denise is a wonderful coach & teacher. Having seen the results of her labor, I would most definitely entrust her with my clients.”

Rochelle Shulman, RKS Management
Monica Robinson

“Her work is renowned for its high artistic level. Along with her artistic and personal integrity, her patience and skill in preparing students have led them to Broadway, film and television roles.”

Monica Robinson, Voice Teacher

“It is always a pleasure when I audition a child who clearly has worked with Denise.”

Adrienne Stern, New York Casting Director

“The techniques Denise teaches helps to build our clients’ confidence and increases their chances of success in the business.”

Elise Koseff, J. Mitchell Management

“Denise Simon has a way with kids that brings out natural ability, talents, and energy. Her NYC know-how and her teaching gifts put the shine on young performers. It’s a must for all aspiring actors.”

Jerry Fishman, Producer

“Denise Simon has the gift that inspires young actors to achieve more than they ever expected.”

Carl Samuelson, Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts Center

“I have definitely seen a difference in my clients’ work after they have worked with Denise.”

Donnalyn Carfi, Harvest Management

“I sat in on Denise’s classes and I think she is really excellent… kind, very professional, extremely well versed in the craft.”


Judith Lesley, Owner Sinclair Mgmt.

“Denise Simon brings her 20+ years of experience in show business to her teaching philosophy, giving young actors the tools they need to audition while also keeping them unique, centered and natural.”

Jennifer Rudin, Casting Director

“Her experience as a director, casting director and talent manager enables her to prepare her students for any type of audition or performance.”

Robert Marks, Vocal Coach