“With one-on-one attention, I can build on the strengths of each actor.” – Denise

I spend many hours of my week teaching and coaching young actors in person or via Skype and Facetime. The main benefit is they have my undivided attention. One-on-one sessions offer a personalized environment in which a young performer can feel safe and free to express himself while taking risks to reach new personal heights. Through private sessions, I will be familiar with your performer, knowing his strengths and understanding how to improve his weaknesses. On-going individual training is essential to developing specific skills that might not be addressed in weekly group classes. Private coaching is a crucial tool for your child’s professional growth, and I highly recommend it for children who audition frequently or professionals. – Denise

Denise teaches:

  • Technique training
  • Dialect coaching
  • Improvisation training
  • Monologue & scene study
  • Song selection and performance coaching

Denise also offers packages designed for specific needs.

  • Audition prep – Private coaching for audition preparation is about booking the job! Denise focuses on giving actors the confidence and skill needed to make interesting choices in their approach to specific material.
  • College Application Monologues/Auditions – Denise prepares students and parents for the college application process by focusing on the right fit for the individual student. She helps with school choice, monologue selection, coaching the audition, interview skills and working the story of the song for musical theater preparation.
  • Self-tape auditions – coaching and production

These days actors are being asked for self tapes all the time.  Whether it is an audition they find on their own or through their agent or manager, a good self-tape is what can help them book the job.  Proper lighting, equipment and  space is essential. In addition to the taping,  Denise will coach you through the material.

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Beatrice_Tulchin“Denise is a fabulous teacher! She taught my sister and now teaches both of us. She is very natural and real, never phony. She takes my acting to the next level. She teaches you the story behind words. Denise is a great teacher for children. I love Denise’s teaching!”

 Beatrice Tulchin –  Broadway: Matilda, National Tour: Billy Elliot