DSAC is available to coach young actors on-set.


Let Denise Simon, “child whisperer” for stage and screen, manage your young performers on-set . Denise has years of experience working with young actors, and understands the unique challenges of keeping things fresh on set, even after waiting in a trailer for hours. Children will flow in and out of the production on cue, be emotionally prepared,  focused and full of confidence. Most importantly, with Denise’s skillful coaching methods, young actors deliver solid performances without looking coached. Directors have enough on their plate and can’t be holding the hands of the young actors in their production, yet children need more attention than adult actors in order to be their best."


“Not only is Teen/Kids News about to launch its 16th year, we're now seen on more than 200 TV stations and carried by education channels to 10,000 schools. It's no understatement that a good part of the program's tremendous success is due to Denise Simon.”

Alan J. Weiss - Executive Producer, Teen/Kids News

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