Denise’s technique teaches students to direct themselves while living truthfully in the moment. However, the challenge for young actors with limited life experience is to identify the emotional life of their character.

Denise helps young actors to trust and bond in small ongoing classes as they identify with their character and freely express themselves. Students learn acting technique with individual attention and age appropriate material to remain natural and honest, while having fun.

As an acting coach and teacher, my passion lies in inspiring young actors to be the best performers they can be as they reach their full potential. Hard work, combined with talent and drive, enable actors to master their craft and find success in their acting endeavors. However, talent and passion will wear thin without proper training. As a teacher and coach I introduce my students to a myriad of exercises, games and simple techniques while empowering, encouraging and challenging them to reach beyond their current grasp. Proper instruction and guidance from a professional is an important piece for growth. – Denise

Here are several ways to train, each with different benefits: