Summer Theatre Under the Stars at Westmoreland Sanctuary, Mt. Kisco

Join us “Over the Rainbow” for magic and merriment!

IMG_4819Join us over the rainbow this summer as WESTMORELAND SANCTUARY presents: THE WIZARD OF OZ, Directed by DENISE SIMON with CAROLYN NIELSEN as production manager. Our magical and merry interactive production will take audiences on an adventure through the yellow brick road in our woods as they meet their favorite characters: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, The Lion, Toto, Glinda, The Witch, the Munchkins and many more.

Rehearsals begin Monday, June 27 and will meet Monday-Fridays from 4:00-8:00 pm. There are currently 6 scheduled performances: July 22, 23, 24 and July 29, 30, 31. Some roles will be double cast and actors will appear in some or all of the performances.As an added bonus actors are invited to sing songs of their choice around the campfire after the evening shows to delight friends and family.We hope you will join us for the best summer ever!!!!! OPEN TO ALL AGES: 7 through adults.

Read our audition packet for more information on how to audition

Previous Productions: Into The Woods Jr.

Denise Simon Acting & Coaching together with Westmoreland Nature Sanctuary!



IntoTheWoods_2015.07.07 (19 of 20) IntoTheWoods_2015.07.07 (8 of 20)  13701236_1153410604719359_1805358501272664684_o

In July/August 2016, Denise Simon directed WIZARD OF OZ at Westmoreland Sanctuary. Thank you to all who attended and we can’t wait to see you next year!

In July 2015, Westmoreland’s Theatre in the Sanctuary presented Into the Woods Jr. directed by Denise Simon!

“The young people who took part in the performance we very clearly invested in the performance and I’m sure that’s a testament to the director, Denise Simon. That enthusiasm transferred to the audience and helped produce a vibrant atmosphere.”

“You knew something special was occurring when audience members stayed after the show to linger, talk, meet cast members and roast marshmallows.”

“Everyone I was with was blown away by the performance. Judging from what I heard and saw from the rest of the audience the event was a huge hit. Both the adults and children in the audience seemed to be really responding to the singing and the music.”