In terms of genuine understanding but not only the craft, but the business, you won’t get any better than Denise Simon.
— Judy Reyes, Scrubs, NBC

DSAC knows the business and is a trusted source for newcomers and insiders alike.

DSAC offers show business expertise through private consultation. They are known as the best source available for objective guidance. Trained as a certified life coach, Denise teaches her team direct communication and honesty as they provide a unique skill set to their clients in the performing arts. Their ability to appraise talent and opportunity in show business, coupled with insightful and skilled perspective of life coaching, make them a powerful ally in this industry.

DSAC specializes in coaching young performers to develop their craft. Private consultation is often preferred because it allows her to customize their work to meet individual clients’ needs. Click here to get started.

Parents come to DSAC for direct consultation, seeking advice on how to navigate the challenges of having a child in show business. Visit Parents’ Corner for more information.

Adult performers seek out DSAC to consult with privately throughout their careers. They offer practical ways to help actors get ahead while staying in touch with the values that matter in their lives. Click here to contact Denise.

Professional Career Assessment

A professional assessment will help determine a young actor’s natural abilities, readiness to audition and ability to perform professionally. DSAC will give you an honest evaluation of your child’s talent, defining strengths and weaknesses as well as marketability. DSAC is well connected with agents and managers nationwide who specialize in young talent. They will make recommendations on whether or not your child is ready for representation and if so, will connect you with reputable agents and managers.

“Denise is a consummate professional. Auditions are often last minute and Denise will do everything she can to meet with your child on the requisite script and/or song. Her coaching sessions are extremely efficient and productive. She ensures that your child gains the skills and confidence needed for both the audition process and the performing arts arena. On a broader scale, Denise is knowledgeable about what is out there and what your child is a good fit for. She is generous with her information and her positive reinforcement and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a short boost or a long term coach.”

Paula , mother of Alexa , Matilda (Broadway), A Christmas Story (Broadway), Nat’l Tour Mary Poppins