Reasons Parents Come to Denise for Advice

When a child wants to be in show business, it becomes a family business with you as the CEO. Your child benefits from performance teachers, classes, coaches and representation as he pursues his career goals, but where do parents go for advice on how to figure out their role?

Denise offers private consultation services for parents to answer everything they need to know. Not only is she an industry veteran and insider, but Denise is a certified Life Coach who is highly qualified to help show business parents navigate the particular demands of having a child performer. Parents’ questions generally fall under three categories:

Advocating for your child

  • Which choices are right for my child’s schooling?
  • Should my child join the union?
  • What about braces and the awkward teen years?
  • How do I manage the team of agent and manager?

Obtaining industry recommendations and advice

  • How do I find a manager or agent?
  • What is the best way to do a self-tape audition?
  • Who is the right voice teacher for my child?
  • How do I find a good headshot photographer?
  • How do I put together a resume?

Coping with the ways this affects YOU

  • How do I manage work or career while managing this process for my child at the same time?
  • Should I move the family to NY or LA?
  • How do my feelings and reactions about my child’s performing activities wind up impacting my child?

There are hundreds of decisions to be made by the parents of child performers to help their children succeed as they go through the process. Denise guides you each step of the way with her vast industry knowledge and effective life coaching skills.


lauren dohertySet up a time to talk with me today.

“Denise Simon is a gifted coach and mentor, with an exceptional ability to size up a young actor’s strengths and challenges and provide honest feedback that is both poignant and sensitive. Denise has been an invaluable resource to my daughter, Katherine Doherty (age 17) and me, since Katherine began auditioning for professional acting jobs six years ago. Denise has vast connections in the industry and she personally cares about my daughter’s career and the choices she has to make relative to balancing family, school and an acting career. I am always amazed by the transformation in my daughter’s scene work after a session with Denise and have always appreciated Denise’s willingness to rearrange her schedule in order to prepare Katherine for an audition that is needed with only a day’s notice.”Lauren Doherty, mother of Katherine Doherty
Broadway: Mary Poppins, A Little Night Music

Josh Sussman“Denise has been working with our son for the past five years. The improvement we have seen is extraordinary in so many ways. The transformation we have seen in his ability to read scripts, act out scenes and prepare monologues often with very short notice is striking. And Denise has been there every step of the way. On a personal level Josh has become a confident boy with a strong sense of self worth and ability since working with Denise. Denise challenges Josh to work to his full potential and expects a high level of commitment, preparedness and effort from him; however, she does it in such a nurturing and unconditionally supportive way. Her mentorship has become a very important relationship in Josh’s life. Josh is one of those kids who has been drawn to the performing arts since a very young age and is extremely passionate and driven. Finding a special mentor to guide him through the often difficult world of acting was very important to us and we are grateful that we have found someone as gifted and special as Denise.”Lisa Sussman, mother of Josh Sussman