NYC Advanced Acting with Denise Simon: Ages 9-12 (Mondays)

NYC Advanced Acting with Denise Simon: Ages 9-12 (Mondays)

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Date(s) - 04/08/2019 - 06/10/2019
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Advanced Acting by audition or invitation only – Once you register you will be contacted by Denise for approval

Fall: Acting skills with Meisner Approach 

These classes are designed for the serious young actor ready to take their acting to a new level whether working on stage or screen. Build a strong foundation, work with other actors and learn new skills in how to listen and respond honestly in exercises and scene work while building confidence, trusting instincts and working organically.

Winter: Film/TV acting

Much of the work will be in front of the camera as students focus on truthful acting skills with on-camera blocking.  A copy of the work on video will be provided as a teaching tool. Build confidence and self-esteem in a small, nurturing class setting as you discover your inner artist and learn how to transition from stage to screen.

Spring: Audition Technique

Working with current scripts in television and film,  students will learn how to make bold and honest choices specifically and personally. Exercises and improvisation will be used to find honesty and truth for a compelling audition. Students will receive a copy of their work on video and the class will culminate in an industry showcase for agents and managers.


The full year curriculum will equip your  young performer with:

Building a strong acting foundation

Subtleties of on-camera acting

Learn how to land the job

In order to create a safe space, we keep our class sizes small. Booking for the year is the best guarantee for a spot in the class.


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Spring Registration
Spring: Audition Technique 4/8,15,22,29, 5/6,13,20,6/3,10 plus Industry Performance * June 10 will be final class with industry performance.

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Please select your preferred method of payment. To pay online, select "Paypal." To pay with cash or check, please select "Pay by Cash or Check." Make Checks payable to Denise Simon Acting & Coaching and mail to PO Box 353 - South Salem NY 10590 Thank you!
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