Love the Camera: On-Camera Workshops with Master Teacher Denise Simon and guest casting directors

Denise: Technique for Young Performers

Denise Simon Acting & CoachingThere are some actors that the camera seems to immediately love – an actor’s natural qualities translate into an awesome performance. Master teacher Denise Simon has developed techniques to help the young performer, ages 7 – 18, create that on-camera performance. Her method is based on teaching students to direct themselves. Scene analysis, character development, and the technical subtleties of working on-camera are communicated by Denise in ways that young performers understand and can remember. Denise gives her students the tools to create that awesome on-camera performance not only in her workshop, but again and again as they independently master new material.

Her program features:

  • Accessing authenticity – Exercises and improvisation capture the emotional life of a scene
  • Moment before – The character as he enters the scene
  • Emotional climax – Scene analysis as an emotional map
  • Stage to film – Confined space and subtle changes

Casting Director: Comments for strong performance

Denise Simon Acting & CoachingGreat casting directors have an eye for finding actors that the camera immediately loves. Performing for one of the industry’s top casting directors gives Denise’s students performance experience in audition conditions. The casting director provides students with valuable, constructive feedback that they rarely get at an actual audition. In addition, insight into the selection process and current trends in the industry give students the perspective and resiliency to succeed in the business.

We’ve had many esteemed guest casting directors come to Denise Simon Acting & Coaching workshops!

  • Rachel Hoffman, Telsey and Co. Casting
  • Patrick Goodwin, Telsey and Co.
  • Cesar Rocha, Telsey and Co.
  • Lindsay Levine, Tara Rubin Casting
  • Jason Styres, Jay Binder Casting
  • Jay Binder, Jay Binder Casting
  • Adrienne Stern, Adrienne Stern Casting
  • Stephanie Klapper, Stephanie Klapper Casting
  • Jen Rudin, Jen Rudin Casting
  • Holly Buczek, Holly Buczek Casting
  • Matthew Maisto, Matthew Maisto Casting
  • Michael Morlani
  • Christina Wright
  • Nora Brennan

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