4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Child Stardom

With the recent media expose about wealthy parents who allegedly bribed and lied to purchase college admission for their children, my students and I have had many discussions about fairness, responsibility, and accountability. My students were angry. Kids are refreshingly honest and forthright. They know the difference between earning something and getting it in an [...]

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7 Ways Young Actors Can Cope With After-Tour Letdown

It’s a thrill getting the phone call from your agent or manager saying the words you’ve been waiting to hear: “Pack your bags. You’re going on tour.” You let your school know you’ll be absent for 6-12 months and you bid goodbye to your friends and family as you embark on the dream of a lifetime. [...]

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Where to Look During an Audition

You’ll hear lots of conflicting advice about where to put your focus when you audition. Do you look at space? The auditor? An empty chair? There are no hard and fast rules, so it can be confusing. The type of audition also impacts this decision, as well as the preferences of the person conducting the [...]

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10 Great Plays for Teen Monologues + Audition Material

When it comes to finding material for auditions and classwork for teens, it can be challenging, especially if you’re looking for something more contemporary. That said, there are works out there that lend themselves to this very thing. Below are some of my favorite plays for teens and young adults. I suggest you read all them in [...]

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12 Film Set Terms Every Actor Needs to Know

You just landed a role in a film—congratulations! If you’ve only ever acted on a stage, know that film sets are very different from the theater, and your first few days on set may be intimidating. Between all the people, equipment, and terminology on a film set, it’s easy to get overwhelmed but if you [...]

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12 Film Terms to Know Before Stepping on Set

News flash! Actors are not the center of a film; they are just one small part in the making of a movie. Creating a film is a huge project that usually involves hundreds of people, including the actors. So it’s important for young actors to understand the roles and responsibilities of a film crew so [...]

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Young Actors Should Be Their Own Entrepreneurs + How to Do It

Your dreams of becoming a working actor and thrilling people with your performance drive you forward. Acting is a creative art but they call it “show business” because it is a business, so consider yourself the CEO of your career, be your best advocate, and stay invested. You spend a lot of time taking classes, [...]

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The Secret to Working More as an Actor

Good actors make acting look effortless. That’s why everyone wants to be an actor. But the truth is, we all know it’s difficult. Yes, you need to train, hone your skills and craft, network, and have what the casting directors need. But being a good actor takes much more than that. Begin following these simple [...]

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5 Things Parents Should Never Say to Their Child Actors

In my experience, many people aren’t aware of the power their words can have. This is especially true for parents, and even more so for parents of young performers. As the caregiver and primary figure in a child’s life, a parent’s attitude and actions make a significant impact on a child actor’s confidence and success. [...]

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Doing—Not Acting—Will Make You Great

Many young actors are taught to play “tactics,” an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end. The word brings up images of generals sitting around a war room, strategically planning an attack on the enemy. And that’s exactly how most actors approach the “playing of an action.” But we prefer to call [...]

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