Ask Denise: How do I Find a Good Photographer?

Q: There are so many photographers out there. Which one will portray my child best?

B It’s all in the research, really. Do keep in mind that initially parents need not spend any money on headshots for their children. A good candid shot of your child will be sufficient for an initial interview; however, if you want to go with a photographer, here are some pointers and some photographer recommendations:

  • Find out if the photographer has worked with children.

  • Look at his or her book before making the decision to hire.

  • Make sure the work environment is compatible with what you want. For instance, does the photographer work in the studio or in natural light?

  • Get prices. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. About $300 for a sitting is reasonable, especially since children grow quickly and these shots must be re-done again and again.