What ‘Raise the Stakes’ Really Means for Actors

Something actors hear all the time from casting directors and directors is “raise the stakes.” But do you really know what it means? Let’s begin with one basic fact that is true for every script you will ever read: it is not just “any” day in the life of the character, it is a very [...]

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Acting Between the Lines

Emma González, a Marjorie Stoneman Douglas student and activist, spoke for just under two minutes at the March for Our Lives rally in Washington. She described the effects of gun violence in emotional detail and recited the names of classmates who were killed by a school shooter. Then she said nothing for four minutes and [...]

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How Well Do You Know Your Craft?

  Every year, thousands of young people decide they want to pursue acting. Many make that choice because they think it looks easy. And it looks easy because the great actors make it seem like they’re not really doing anything. But the truth is, they have worked very hard on their craft—that’s the key. Good [...]

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When It’s Not Fun Anymore

My students tell me they act because they love stepping into a character’s shoes and making an audience laugh or cry. Acting makes them happy, fills them up and provides fun. I’m so glad they are not doing it for the fame or fortune, both of which are fleeting and may never happen. It’s hard [...]

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12 Terms Parents of Child Actors Need to Know

Every industry has it’s own lingo. When your child enters the entertainment industry, you'll encounter a whole new vocabulary. These terms are frequently used when describing auditions and scripts. If you can familiarize yourself with them now, you'll be able to help your young actor understand what's required and how to use these terms correctly. Booking: [...]

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Can You Trust Your Child’s Acting Coach?

The success of a performer comes from their training, motivation and passion. Just as in the Olympics, a qualified coach can make a great difference in your child’s training and ability to win roles. Acting coaches are experts in enhancing performance skills. They are well trained, highly skilled and know the industry inside-out. To move [...]

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5 Schooling Options For Your Child Actor

Child performers have the unique task of balancing schoolwork while pursuing a professional career. Between classes in acting, dance, and voice, auditions, matinee performances, and film shoots, scheduling them all can be daunting. Many families today turn to online schooling for their child’s education. Children have the flexibility to take classes at times most convenient to [...]

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What Child Actors Should Expect Over the Years

Turn on the TV or visit Broadway these days and you’ll see plenty of children. There’s always work for kids of all ages—but there are also always many out there trying to make a buck teaching classes in everything from modeling to acting. Be wary, smart, and knowledgeable. Here’s what you can expect your child’s [...]

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Fall 2016 Checklist: Child Actors

Summer has flown by and it’s already time to take your kids shopping for school supplies and new clothes. During the upcoming season, the following Child Actor’s Checklist will help you and your young performer stay organized and prepared for success: Fresh Headshots. If your little one leaves for camp a child but returns as [...]

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How Child Actors Master Cold Reads

As my mentor, Charles Nelson Reilly, often said, “Acting is hard.” Of course it’s hard, especially when you are asked to do a cold read. Cold readings—when an actor has little or no advance time to review a script before performing a scene—are challenging but an unavoidable reality. This can be especially difficult for young [...]

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