5 Steps to Understanding Your Scene as a Teen Actor

By Denise Simon and Larry Silverberg  Every scene you play as an actor, no matter how old you are, will require a deep understanding from you. You need to understand who the character is, what the context of the scene and larger story is, and countless other aspects of the scene that will make your work [...]

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What ‘Raise the Stakes’ Really Means for Actors

Something actors hear all the time from casting directors and directors is “raise the stakes.” But do you really know what it means? Let’s begin with one basic fact that is true for every script you will ever read: it is not just “any” day in the life of the character, it is a very [...]

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Acting Between the Lines

Emma González, a Marjorie Stoneman Douglas student and activist, spoke for just under two minutes at the March for Our Lives rally in Washington. She described the effects of gun violence in emotional detail and recited the names of classmates who were killed by a school shooter. Then she said nothing for four minutes and [...]

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How Well Do You Know Your Craft?

  Every year, thousands of young people decide they want to pursue acting. Many make that choice because they think it looks easy. And it looks easy because the great actors make it seem like they’re not really doing anything. But the truth is, they have worked very hard on their craft—that’s the key. Good [...]

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When It’s Not Fun Anymore

My students tell me they act because they love stepping into a character’s shoes and making an audience laugh or cry. Acting makes them happy, fills them up and provides fun. I’m so glad they are not doing it for the fame or fortune, both of which are fleeting and may never happen. It’s hard [...]

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Kids + Teens: Why Your Phone May Be Sabotaging Your Acting Career

Child and teen actors, we’re here to teach you the essential skills of acting so that you can live your dream. This is our singular intention in everything we say and do. But everyone has to begin somewhere, and today we’ll start with the key to all of your acting, the heart of what every [...]

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5 Things Young Actors Need to Land TV Roles

I’ve been working with young actors for many years, first as a talent representative and today as an acting teacher and coach. When I ask them what they want to achieve in this business, the responses vary: to be on Broadway, to be famous, to make people laugh, to be on a television series. Years [...]

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Teen Actors: It’s Time to Rethink the Way You Train

Here’s some encouraging news for 2018: You no longer have to worry about whether you’re talented enough or if you can really “do it.” You can sleep peacefully knowing you don’t have to compare yourself to others in your class or play. You can stop trying to please teachers and impress directors. Pretty bold statements, [...]

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10 Job Skills You Can Learn From Acting

Few actors are lucky enough to support themselves solely by acting. Whether it’s a day job or a new career, your acting skills and training will help you become successful in any profession. Here are 10 job-related skills the craft can teach you. 1. Closing the deal In any business, whether it’s a sales job [...]

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Winter Self-Care for Child + Teen Actors

I don’t shake hands with my students. It’s not that I am rude, I just don’t have to time to get sick. I have a responsibility to myself, my family, and my students to show up for work every day and do the best job I can. This time of year, germs are flying—stomach bugs, colds, [...]

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