How to Be the Best Advocate for Your Child Actor

As the parent of a rising star, you may be wondering how you can be the very best parent for a child who wants to perform. Whether your child stars in a movie or a local community theater production, there are things you can to do foster and support their dreams of performing. If your [...]

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How Child Actors Develop Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand what another is feeling and to respond with care. It’s a complex skill for anyone to develop, let alone kids. But according to Dr. Lawrence Kutner, a Harvard-trained psychologist, children and teens with the greatest levels of empathy are seen as leaders and do better in school, social situations, [...]

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You Should Attend Every Audition. Here’s Why

Developing an acting career takes time. It’s hard work. There is no such thing as an overnight success. I’ve worked with many famous actors who began their careers as child actors and invested at least ten years before they achieved stardom. What they all had in common was discipline, perseverance, and auditioning as often as [...]

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A Young Actor’s Checklist

It’s more than talent that's being assessed in an audition. If your script isn't in order and you're fiddling with the papers, you may become unfocused and distracted. At that point, the casting director is already thinking next. As a teacher, I don’t want to hear excuses about why you don’t have your script. Using [...]

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16 (More) Terms for Parents of Child Actors

Last month, I offered up some useful terminology as it relates to auditions and scripts for child actors. Here, I address some of the daunting terms related to contracts, finances, and union matters. Hopefully, it will help you feel more confident when you’re meeting with an industry professional, in an audition with your child, or [...]

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12 Terms Parents of Child Actors Need to Know

Every industry has it’s own lingo. When your child enters the entertainment industry, you'll encounter a whole new vocabulary. These terms are frequently used when describing auditions and scripts. If you can familiarize yourself with them now, you'll be able to help your young actor understand what's required and how to use these terms correctly. Booking: [...]

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How Child Actors Can Get Work in Atlanta & Florida

When you have an intersection of talent, type, luck, and opportunity, you land roles. Many people think that the only opportunities are in New York or Los Angeles, but that’s just not true. The southeast has never been busier for young actors who are looking to build their resumes. Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina are [...]

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9 Lessons “Dear Evan Hansen” Can Teach Everyone

Last month, I took a group of my students and their parents to a performance of “Dear Evan Hansen.” When the curtain came down, every single one of us was flooded with emotions—there wasn’t a dry eye amongst us. Without giving anything away, “Dear Evan Hansen” is a musical about a teen who feels invisible, [...]

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Why the Most Talented Kid Doesn’t Always Get the Role

As an acting teacher, my job is to train young artists. In my thirty years of experience, I’ve been fortunate to work with some incredibly talented young actors. Unfortunately, talent and skill isn’t enough to win roles. Just because a young actor is the most talented one in the room, it’s not guaranteed they will [...]

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