So Your Child Has an Interview With a Talent Rep? How to Prepare

Congratulations! Your child was spotted in a showcase performance by an agent or manager and called into their office for an interview and audition. Or perhaps your youngster’s beautiful photo and resume got the attention of an agent who followed up with a meeting. This is the start of getting signed by a rep who [...]

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Work Permits + Blocked Trusts: What You Need to Know for Child Actors

Your child is auditioning regularly in the hopes of landing a paying gig. The next step is to make sure you have everything in place to satisfy production and protect your child’s earnings, which means you’ll need to have valid work permits and a blocked trust (or Coogan) account. Plan in advance; don’t wait until [...]

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How to Know if Your Child Is Passionate About Acting or if It’s a Phase

After 30 years as an acting coach, personal talent manager, and director, Backstage Expert Denise Simon is sharing her wisdom with the world. In her new book, “Parenting in the Spotlight: How to raise a child star without screwing them up,” Simon helps parents navigate everything from figuring out if the child is truly interested in [...]

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5 Florida Acting Programs All Young Actors Should Know

As an acting coach and teacher, I believe all young actors should train to enhance their skills and build self-esteem. And despite L.A. and New York seeming like the center of the acting universe, you don’t have to live in either place to get great training. As an actor, I got my start in Florida, [...]

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How to Be the Best Advocate for Your Child Actor

As the parent of a rising star, you may be wondering how you can be the very best parent for a child who wants to perform. Whether your child stars in a movie or a local community theater production, there are things you can to do foster and support their dreams of performing. If your [...]

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How Child Actors Develop Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand what another is feeling and to respond with care. It’s a complex skill for anyone to develop, let alone kids. But according to Dr. Lawrence Kutner, a Harvard-trained psychologist, children and teens with the greatest levels of empathy are seen as leaders and do better in school, social situations, [...]

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You Should Attend Every Audition. Here’s Why

Developing an acting career takes time. It’s hard work. There is no such thing as an overnight success. I’ve worked with many famous actors who began their careers as child actors and invested at least ten years before they achieved stardom. What they all had in common was discipline, perseverance, and auditioning as often as [...]

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A Young Actor’s Checklist

It’s more than talent that's being assessed in an audition. If your script isn't in order and you're fiddling with the papers, you may become unfocused and distracted. At that point, the casting director is already thinking next. As a teacher, I don’t want to hear excuses about why you don’t have your script. Using [...]

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16 (More) Terms for Parents of Child Actors

Last month, I offered up some useful terminology as it relates to auditions and scripts for child actors. Here, I address some of the daunting terms related to contracts, finances, and union matters. Hopefully, it will help you feel more confident when you’re meeting with an industry professional, in an audition with your child, or [...]

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